Frequently asked questions? We love them – because they give us a chance to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with your prescription care and home medical equipment experience. We’ve listed a few of our frequently asked questions below, but please don’t hesitate to call or stop by to ask for more information.

My last home medical equipment prescription was for a wheel chair life – a “non-assigned” claim. What does that mean?

Those items that typically aren’t covered by Medicare or other forms of insurance are considered “non-assigned.” In the case of a non-assigned claim, patients are required to pay for the prescribed item at the time the prescription is filled. Upon request, we will file an insurance claim for the item; if a payment is authorized, it will be made directly to the patient.

I’ve seen commercials on TV for companies that say I can get my diabetic care supplies through them. Why is The Prescription Pad a better option?

We offer the exact same thing – but you don’t have to go through some impersonal mail order company halfway across the country. We’re right here in Jessamine County, and we’ll service your needs better than any internet based or mail order company can.

What is a formulary, and how does it affect me?

Each health insurance company has a formulary – a list of the “preferred” drugs. If a drug isn’t on your health insurance company’s formulary, be prepared to pay more, either in the form of a larger copay, or, in some cases, for the entire cost.

How can I avoid paying more if a drug isn’t on my health insurance company’s formulary?

Consult with your physician to ask him/her to change your prescription to a medication that is on your insurance company’s formulary. Our Prescription Pad team will also be happy to work with your doctor in order to find an appropriate medication with a lower copay.